Hair Treatment

Are you annoyed by your damaged, dry hair? It's your hair doctor, SKP, who brings the healing! Deep cleansing, increased protein, and magical smoothing—all done at home. Problems with dandruff? We cleanse them! soothing massages of the scalp? Please say yes! Make an appointment with SKP to rediscover happy, healthy hair.

Hair Fall Treatment

Experiencing Too Much Hair Loss? We assist you in addressing the root cause of your hair loss issues so that your hair can grow passionately and healthily.

Hair Spa

To keep your hair healthy, treat it to a spa session once in a while. We offer a delightful experience that includes a hair spa, dandruff treatment, and a nice head massage. L'Oréal Products Are Used in Our Spa Services.

Protein treatment

Is Your Hair Unbearable And Damaged? Protein Treatment Will Assist You in Addressing the Problem. Use A Protein Treatment To Nourish Your Hair And Repair Damaged Hair.

Smoothening Full hair

Your entire appearance will change when you smooth your hair. We support you in giving your hair a nice, smoothed appearance without doing any damage to it.

Smoothening Crown Portion

Hair smoothing Will Modify Your Appearance Throughout. Our goal is to help you style your hair to look nice and smooth without causing damage to it.

Dandruff Treatment

Your scalp's excess oil is cleaned and removed with dandruff treatment. SKP Provides the Greatest Anti-Dandruff Remedies And Workable Dry Scalp Treatments.

Oil Massage

Applying an oil massage to your head might increase blood flow in addition to providing you with a soothing and peaceful experience, oil massage aids with hair growth.


Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are needed for the service. We recommend booking at least 3 days before the required date.

What services do you offer?

SKP offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, beard trimming, shaving, and facials. He also offers a variety of styling products for purchase.

How much does a haircut cost?

The price of a haircut varies depending on the length of your hair and the style you want. Variety of pricing options are offered to fit your budget.

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